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Understanding Pension Loss

When it comes to Pension Loss Claims, it is your responsibility as a litigator to help your Client receive what they would have been entitled to at the point of retirement, were it not for their injury. Yes, a calculator can spit out some basic numbers but it lacks the comprehensive analysis of an Expert Witness that is so crucial in understanding the impact of injury on lifelong income.

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As a litigator, your crucial role is to ensure that your clients receive the rightful compensation they would have been entitled to at the point of retirement, had it not been for their injury. While calculators may provide basic numbers, they fail to capture the comprehensive analysis required to understand the true impact of the injury on lifelong income. That's where the expertise of an Expert Witness becomes invaluable. In this training session, we will explore the vital role of Expert Witnesses in analysing and quantifying the impact of injury on pension loss claims. Gain insights into the complexities involved in determining lifelong income and equip yourself with the skills needed to secure fair and just compensation for your clients.

  • 25/7/2023
  • CPD 1 hrs

This session will cover

  • Different types of pension schemes and how they are funded
  • Approaches to pension loss and how they apply to fatal and lost years cases
  • Overview of the changes to pension regulations and scheme rules
  • Overview of Loss of Earnings and Employment Benefits
  • The impact on Pension Loss for ‘self-employed workers’ in lower value claims
  • How to request a free viability check and highlight important information

Training facilitators


Louise Higham

Presenter Frenkel Topping Limited

Louise is a finance professional with an Honours Degree in Accountancy & Law and Chartered status in financial planning. Specialising in catastrophic damages awards, she is an Expert Witness for Periodical Payment Orders and Pension & Income Losses.

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