How much do you think you’re worth?

Frenkel Topping’s Deputy Day 2023 asks how we can protect our most vulnerable citizens’ finances, relationships and health and discusses the complex role of the Deputy during a cost of living crisis and ongoing economic turmoil.

In the now prestigious annual event representing Deputies and their injured clients (‘P’), the leading voices in Deputyships and Court of Protection are coming together once more to discuss some of the most sensitive moral matters affecting those who have experienced life-changing injuries, including:

  • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) & borderline capacity;
  • Investing in property – who decides what ‘P’ needs?;
  • The latest from the Court of Protection and the knock on effect of delays in settlements

In the midst of a cost of living crisis and unprecedented levels of economic turbulence, the question of ‘value’ is more relevant than ever for people living with a brain injury and the responsibility on deputies for those who lack capacity has never been greater. Experts in the field of brain injury will share their views, case studies and advice in areas including:

  • What value do we put on life after serious injury?
  • Who decides on what value means for ‘P’?
  • How much say does ‘P’s family have?
  • If ‘P’s family is happy, is ‘P’ happy?
  • How does a Deputy make the most out of every penny of a client’s settlement?

Deputy Day 2023, takes place on 11th May 2023 at Manchester Hall and will explore common themes affecting ‘P’ and their appointed Deputies such as:

  • In property – navigating the purchase of a home for an injured party, making adaptations and managing family members’ interests in property ventures
  • In financial advice and investments – during extreme market volatility, what is the most appropriate risk appetite and how do we measure value?
  • In legal costs – hear guidance from a costs judge on the major judgments in recent months
  • Building self-worth – We turn the spotlight onto an accessible theatre company which provides a platform to perform
  • Immeasurable value – the intangible impact of a strong client-deputy relationship

Alison Taylor, IFA and Financial Expert Witness with Frenkel Topping, the backers of Deputy Day, says: “In a Deputy’s quest to do what is right for ‘P’, and to make decisions to protect their interests, value is a key factor. Value has never been more important and mistakes never more costly. We can’t afford to get it wrong.”

One of the country’s most prestigious meet-ups of Deputies and Court of Protection professionals, Frenkel Topping Group’s Deputy Day conference delivers news, expert views and insight and a forum to learn from hundreds of other deputies. This year the esteemed HHJ Carolyn Hilder, Senior Judge of the Court of Protection, delivers a keynote speech.

The event will be chaired by BBC Radio 4’s Money Box presenter, Paul Lewis, who will hear from expert panellists who work with the millions of people in England and Wales who lack the mental capacity to make important life decisions for themselves.

A significant brain injury, mental ill health, dementia, and a range of disabilities can sometimes affect this capacity permanently. For such people, an appointed deputy can be an essential lifeline, to help them to make decisions or to make decisions on their behalf. But the task of empowering the individual and protecting their best interests, while keeping an ethical distance from their decision-making, is a difficult balance to strike, bringing with it unique challenges in each and every case.

Frenkel Topping’s Deputy Day 2023 will gather some of the country’s best known experts in the fields of personal injury, clinical negligence and deputyships to explore the moral and practical arguments on matters surrounding the quality of life of individuals affected by accident, injury or illness.

Hosted by financial services firm, Frenkel ToppingDeputy Day is an annual event centred around the role of the deputy and how they can improve the quality of life for their most vulnerable clients and empower them to reclaim control of their lives. It brings together robust interviews with leading industry figures, real-life stories from the field, and keynote talks from some of the most prominent voices from the legal and financial circuits.

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