Errant Experts with Professor Dominic Regan

Over the last 18 months, we have seen far too many cases where experts have blatantly breached the Rules. In one instance an expert was expelled after having been paid over £200,000.

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Join us for an eye-opening training session as we shed light on the alarming trend of experts breaching the Rules in recent times. Over the past 18 months, numerous cases have come to light, exposing instances where experts have flagrantly violated their professional obligations. One glaring example involved the expulsion of an expert who had received an exorbitant payment of £200,000. In this session, we are honored to welcome Professor Dominic Regan, an esteemed expert in the field, who will delve into the valuable lessons to be learned from these incidents and the essential pitfalls to avoid.

  • 13/1/2023

What is going on? What is going wrong?

    In this session, Professor Dominic Regan will look at the lessons to be learned and the pitfalls to avoid. In particular, he will identify clear principles which must always be honoured.

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Emma Case

Host Frenkel Topping Group

Emma joined Frenkel Topping in 2021 after a successful 10-year career in legal marketing and business development. Experienced in costs recovery services, she identified and managed opportunities in personal injury, clinical negligence, and court of protection.

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